DIY Slime

Honey Dew and one of her young friends decided to try and make SLIME! It was a science project type of activity, and only used 3 ingredients, so, I decided to share in a quick blog today!!

You Need to Have:

·     Borax- (found in the laundry aisle, I have to tattle on myself, I had no idea what Borax was, lol). I used 3 TABLESPOONS

·     1 Bottle of Glue- (of course Honey Dew has GLITTER GLUE) YES! I love the $1store!

·     1CUP water (1st part) and 1 TABLESPOON water (2nd part)

·     2 Container for mixings


The steps:

  1. ·     In a small bowl, the Borax and 1 cup of water need to be mixed together- then set aside
  2. ·     In a larger bowl mix entire glue bottle with 1 tablespoon of water. Mix Well.
  3. ·     Now dump the Borax mixture into the glue gunky mixture, and mix with hands….yep, this is the fun part!   Expect the mixture to become more pliable, and stiffen.
  4. ·     Slime will form in about 2 minutes.


Ok so, no, it wasn’t rocket science, but, my 7 year old friend loved it….ok, I admit, so did I. In fact, I played with it longer than she did!