Face Painting Removal Tips


Face Painting Removal Tips by Honey Dew the Clown www.honeydewtheclown.com

Face Painting is so much fun that most adults like it as much as the kids! The pretty colors, the soft non-itchy paint, and the GLITTER, makes it a must for a lot of fun birthday parties! But, most parents have a question on their mind…..”DOES IT WASH OFF Honey Dew?”

HAHA, this is what I hear all the time! The answer: YES. Yes it does wash off, but, some colors can leave a faded shade on the skin, so, I wanted to make this quick blog about paint removal.

Generally to remove face paint you will need:

  1. warm warm wash cloth
  2. gentle sudsy soap (Anti bacterial)

To remove just wash with the warm water and suds, and gently remove, DON’T RUB RAW! Ouch… The paint will wash away, as will the glitter.

Some darker colors will linger a bit and leave a faded stain. This is also easily removed with a slightly different technique. OLIVE OIL. That’s the secret. A bit of olive oil. (yes the kind from the kitchen) on a cotton ball will easily remove any faded residue.

Another trick if you don’t have olive oil is to mix a bit of shampoo, usually gentle or baby shampoo with warm water will do the trick, or, baby oil in lieu of the olive oil!