Who is Honey Dew the Clown

Hi Friends, my name is Honey Dew the Clown. I have been “clowning around” for about 15 years now, and, well, I love it! Life is so much more fun in costume! I meet the most amazing people in my clown persona, Honey Dew has had amazing opportunities! (ok, tiny caveat, I tend to alternate between speaking for Honey Dew, or like Honey Dew– split personality issues)….HAHA

So, I decided to make this page a bit about, well, me! The real me, and, the fun me…AKA Honey Dew. Susie is the real name, and my “Honey Dew” name was provided by my dad when I went to clown school….Yes, there is a real clown school. So anyway, Dad thought that I was, well, a touch DEMANDING (who knew right??) and called me Honey Do. Most husband’s relate to my clown name: “Honey Do this”, “Honey Do that”…haha, but, well, my dad said I was too sweet so, changed the spelling to be like the fruit, Honey Dew!

I have friends who knew me during the Luby’s days….Luby’s had a cafeteria location on Buffalo Speedway at Westpark early in my clowning career, where I was lucky enough to develop their kids night program several days of the week. Luby’s is gone now, but, HEB is there!

Now, a lot of kids come to Chickfila and see me on kids nights….Tuesday in Meyerland, and Kirby at 59 for Wednesday nights. So, I am in the neighborhood.

I clown a lot in Bellaire, and you can typically find me at Loftin Park for various special occasions! Holiday in the Park, 4th of July, Pumpkin , Daddy/Daughter Night. I also clown for the city of West U a lot, and find myself blessed to be included in many of the Colonial Park events organized by the city. I lived in West University for years on Community street while I had the special opportunity to care for my dad.

Ok…..I have to share: Funny story, I had a miniature horse while I lived in West U, (horse lived on a farm but visited me one weekend)…..Jelly Bean was his name, and for I don’t remember what reason, he and his buddy, (also a miniature) stayed in my backyard for a couple of days. Got a knock on the door, West U police were there to let me know Jelly Bean and his friend were playing in my neighbor’s garden. Well, I was in the West University Examiner Newspaper that following week, and well, Honey Dew has been well known ever since! Parents knocked on my door and asked me to bring my horses to their parties! I also had bunnies, a duck- and a clever couple of cats. Animal Control and I became friends! No really, we are friends.

Well, I now live off of Newcastle, and have no more horses. A lot of kids still remember that I had a parrot who did tricks, and several really funny ferrets. Honey Dew has always loved pets and her “small zoo”. Now, I dream of a tiny pet pig named “Bernice” who will wear pearls, tutus, and hopefully do tricks. SOMEDAY!!

In my Susie world I have no kids of my own, (only the 4 legged ones with tails) and sadly, my hair isn’t pink, but sssshhhhh, that’s our secret!susie-at-dog-park

I will say that clowning has been an amazing gift to me. I’ve had amazing experiences, learned so much about life through kids (who are, like, totally smart), and have had the delightful experience of watching so many kids grow up. Its always special when I meet a 16 year old who knows my name still and that I had “Ferret”. “Ferret” and “Other Ferret” in fact! (Yes, I know, not the best names!LOL)

Honey Dew clowns every year in Costa Rica for the indigenous families who travel down the mountain to receive medical and dental care. I’ve also performed in Australia, and the Caribbean. My life as Honey Dew is truly a highlight of my journey as Susie.