Butterfly Face Painting

Face Painting has come such a long way over the past 15 years or so! When I was small I recall balloons and hearts being hand or cheek painted with acrylic paints, by some well meaning moms at my school carnival. Thankfully, face painting has evolved a long way since then!

Never allow craft paints to be used on your child! They are not meant for skin contact, are not FDA regulated for cosmetic use, and are not safe on the skin.  


Honey Dew uses only Mehron/Paradise face paints Wolfe, or Tag face paints.  Different brands have different paint qualities, and the amazing colors offered by FAB and Chameleon make my heart melt! So, with that I say: I only use Non-toxic, mom approved paints, that are cosmetic grade, FDA approved- acceptable to use on skin.  But, the brand may vary.


Ideas for face painting come from many sources. Most face painters spend hours upon hours on YouTube watching videos, taking seminars and courses . Stalking Pinterest sites, and studying technique and designs. I have loads of images saved, and frequently study them before a gig, to refresh ideas. I even call Pinterest my Face Painting Bible! Many face-painters support the industry with tutorials!


Check out Shawna’s video for a lovely Rainbow Butterfly- showing a design process using a sponge to start the shaping stages!

Many techniques are available to face painters to create these stunning designs. A lot of it is talent of course, but I always say, on behalf of myself only, my theory is that the tools/supplies used, can make any face painting design look good!

The paintbrushes we uses don’t usually come from craft stores, they certainly are not in the $2.99 variety sized pack geared for kids. Many brushes cost $12 or more each. I am asked a lot where I buy my supplies, and of course Honey Dew being a clown says, “I buy it at the Where did you get this Store!” And, then Groans from all of course!

True, you can buy Snazaroo online, or in craft shops, and their paint is fine. Lots of people use it, and especially use it for their starter set. However, the colors available by some other lines, and the ability to cope with the heat vary tremendously– so, I buy most of my supplies online, and from a variety of sources.

What is Popular!   

No matter what the Cat Face, the Butterfly Face, or, Fairy/Princess face is always the most popular among girls of all ages. Even Grandma loves these face paint designs! So, for today’s “Hello World, from Honey Dew the Clown” entry, I decided to list a few of my favorite butterfly faces as found online!   Full disclosure, and “legalese”, these are my favorites found on Pinterest, posted by others!

This was very challenging as there are so many amazing butterfly faces to be found online, and each one of them becomes my “favorite” for different reasons!  I have also included some resources on “How to face paint a Butterfly”, as Pinterest is full of face painting tutotials. Many tutotials guide you with the step by step process, and others show you the results, and supplies used. Still, all are very helpful, and if you are a visitual learner, like I am, then these images will probably boost your skills!

Some Images that we particularly liked and their creators:

Starting with this Aussie face painter, (Cheeky Buttons) who has created a stunning blue and green butterfly, accented with gems- my favorite accessory!



And this lovely purple beauty- butterfly design with accents in a gem, plus small white dots by Anna Dazzle, Found on Pinterest









Color Me Face Painting, also found on my Pinterest search, sure has a lovely tropical butterfly design  . This face painter has amazing Yelp Reviews, and I believe she does events in California!





Amanda’s Elaborate Eyes caught our, well, Eye- Too Punny, sorry! But, so lovely! Such stunning colors and her gallery is just as amazing with many design choices, found in Ohio.









Check out this TRUE ARTIST, Consie, who has a drive to truly teach new artists, as is evident in this tutorial video. The Butterfly face paint collage seen below is just BUTTERFLY-BEAUTIFUL!




Some Quick Tips:


When hiring a face painter for your event, consider how old the children are who are attending, and if elaborate full face paint designs, or lovely- but simpler- smaller cheek and arm art designs, are more appropriate.

Ask what type of paint the face painter uses.

Ask what kind of set up is required.

REMEMBER:*Houston is Hot! Be sure and shade the face painter so that the kids don’t get melted painted on their faces! Yuck!

Most Important: * Be sure to allow enough time for face painting. Full faces can be fast, and lovely, and simpler designs many times take just as much time!

For Houston Texas Face Painting Parties, call us for the best rates, and package options! Hire a Houston, TX face painter for your next event!

 www.HoneyDewtheClown.com, aka Susie the Face Painter!


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