Minnie Mouse Cake Favorites

Minnie Mouse is such a classic icon and symbolism for “All American” I think she may well represent just about everyone’s youth. And, she’s super cute for birthday parties! Honey Dew (that’s me) decided to add a lady mouse to the Houston Costume Character Cast, and, she’s a beauty!


So, in support of our new cast member, we have a few dedicated blogs featuring the iconic “Minnie Mouse”! This one is about cakes.


Top Faves for Today:
 Minnie Mouse Cakes!!


Starting with this cutie, found on Cake Central’s website, and presented by one of their members- (this could be my favorite!)

This first image shows the completed piece, and of course you see Minnie popping out the top layer! Here she is a bit closer so you can see all the detail!  It would be a shame to eat it!


Top Faves Item #2 Minnie in a car of her own! Oh my Gosh- how cute! Also from Cake Central



Pink or Red?

While most Minnie Mouse cakes are pink- and she wears a lot of pink in various costume clips you see her appear in, red is her original color, sporting a cute red and white polka dot dress- and iconic bow. We like this one by SwirlCakes. Hmm, I should do a survey on who likes the red more than the pink, and pink over red?



Moving on…..

We were lucky to stumble across this amazing tutorial from a 2014 Cake Blog article. All of the layers and decorating components are broken down step by step to understand the process.


On YouTube we liked the Cakes by Choppa Video tutorial– an Aussie Disney fan, creates an adorable cake



Sometimes a Minnie Mouse fan might not want a whole cake, cake pops or other unique deserts might do the job! Check these yummy treats out found on TheWhoot.com Pinterest page.


Whatever cake you decide to enjoy for your party, we know it will be yummy!



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