Testimonial video for Honey Dew the Clown

Hello World!

Today Honey Dew the Clown is attempting, yes, I said attempting, to use technology! I’ve upgraded recently from Droid to Iphone, and feeling so proud of myself, I started making videos! OK, I had a 13 year old teach me how to use the video equipment, but….I did it! YAY for me!

So, with my new video skills, I decided to create testimonial videos- and this is VIDEO 1! I am going to do some more videos to feature the birthday party entertainment offered by Honey Dew- including the face painting, balloon art, and party character clips as I build up my You-Tube channel. Stay tuned for more fun!

🙂 Thanks to the Mack’s for doing this for me! Yippee!! Now, I am going to figure out how to publish it!



I have to say, my life as Honey Dew the Clown really is a blessing, in my personal walk in life. I have met so many awesome people, kids, parents, grandparents! I’ve had the unique opportunity to watch so many kids grow, and have happily been a small part of many a-family-life. Its been fun, and my motto: LIFE IS BETTER IN COSTUME could not be more true than when you have happy clients like these guys!

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