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Traders Village Airbrush Face Painting

Honey Dew now offers face art via Air Brush! It’s like an automated version of Face Painting! Woo-hoo! Airbrush painting means a tiny airbrush gun- and a bit of powerful air that is combined to create super fast and amazing faces.

Approx 30 faces per hour are possible with airbrush face painting, so its perfect for large events, carnivals, and festivals. This doesn’t replace face painting but offers an alternative to the true art of face painting, and by using stencils the faces tend to turn out exactly like the picture menu. Honey Dew has a professional team of body-brush artists, and we are available for Glow in the Dark parties, Club Raves, Halloween block parties, and Crawfish Festivals.

This is the best option for Houston kid parties since the paint is waterproof. Yes, waterproof face paint that looks positively AMAZING. Its not paint, its waterproof makeup and we have it in many colors, including neon and Glow in the Dark. We tried it out at the West University area Halloween events, and expect to use it in Bellaire this December for Holiday in the Park.

Its waterproof so you can sweat in it (think kids in bouncy houses in August) and have the face still look amazing! So, again, a perfect option for Houston swimming pool birthdays or Water-Slide parties! Some kids keep it on for days! Adults like it too. Honey Dew is evolving with her kid-fan-base and wants to offer something ideal for teens and young adults!

We have an airbrush team at Traders Village near the rides who will be offering airbrush face and body art starting at $5 on weekends! We have multiple setups so can still travel to private events on weekends to provide airbrush face painting. Come ride the Pharaoh’s Fury and find Airbrush Face Art directly across from the rides!Airbrush next to rides

Toy Car Parties for Hot Wheel Fans



Are you planning a party for a race car enthusiast? We have Hot-Wheel party entertainment.

We provide a fun all-around party experience for any kid who loves Hot Wheels, oh and by the way, dads love them too!

Check out the Toy Car Party page for FAQs on booking this party option. The pricing is $270 and is a 90-minute party, with an advanced set up of one hour.  This is included:

Pricing for this party/and all inclusions:

  • 90 minutes of toy car party fun with set-ups, remote control units, and race-flags for driveway party decor
  • Balloon Animals
  • Face Painting
  • This is a 2-person team that comes out to provide the entertainment
  • $270; Deposit Required ($100 and is non-refundable but date can be rescheduled)

Oh, by the way, remote cars are way more fun than a bouncy house!


Honey Dew the Clown Customer Testimonial #2

Thank you for the Honey Dew Testimonial! Please check out our Honey Dew the Clown birthday party options page to see what all we offer. Or, get to know Honey Dew by reading her clown biography!


Call Honey Dew the Clown for your special birthday party celebration. 832-758-3445

Lipstick Costumed Character Rentals

ShopkinstypethemeInvite a popular character t your next private party. We have a cute lipstick character available for parties all over Houston and beyond.

30 minute appearances are $125 and 60 minute shows are $200

We also offer a popular and affordable rental option.

We offer fun and interactive professional entertainment. Visits include candy and fun. We play games, give prizes and hugs- all to delight your special party child. We add the WOW to any party. If you have a Shopkins Themed party you may want to invite our Lipstick-Character to entertain with music, dancing, and limbo fun!

Check our character party detail page to see all of what is included. Or, if you need to rent a costumed character for the last minute event, we can confirm party rentals 3 weeks or less in advance. Find Rental FAQs here.

To check party available, please contact us and reserve your event online.


Red Monster Cartoon Character for Party Fun in Houston


Wow, a Red Monster was seen in Houston recently! He was walking along with a clown and a bunch of happy kids! Grin!


If you live in Houston and are planning your child’s party, consider us to entertain your party child and guests.  We have a popular red monster character that goes great with any Sesame are trained to work with children, and are interactive and fun. We provide birthday and daycare party entertainment and are often seen with Santa at Holiday events. Elmo-like entertainment is available for 30 or 60 minute shows, and we also have a costume rental option for an affordable DIY party.

  • 30 minute shows are a meet-greet party and cost $125
  • 60 minute shows include a 2-person party team, music, dancing and more and cost $200

Get all party details here to find out what all is included. Or, if you want to rent this popular character this weekend, check out costume rental options and get all the details.

Call or text us with any questions, and let us know your party date so we can check the calendar today!





Characters on Patrol for Houston Kids

Paw Power is in Houston, Tx. We are on Patrol with this cool K9 kids party character.

If you are on the CHASE for an amazing birthday party option for your son or daughter look no further! Honey Dew the Clown, also known as Susie the Party Specialist, has a new costumed party character to add to her entertainment options. This new cast member is popular, and inspired by Paw Patrol.

Houston kids will enjoy having our party team come out and perform with music, dancing, prizes, games, and lots of time for pictures. To learn more about the character party options, visit our character pages, or check out our videos.

  • We offer 30 minute appearance packages for $125/March Madness Pricing Promotion
  • We offer 1 hour/ 60 minute shows for $200. Like us on Social Media for a $20 savings on 1 hour events.

Check out the Paw Patrol  party theme for more details.

Call today to reserve a costumed character. 832-758-3445

West University Easter 2017

Thank you West U for having Honey Dew at the 2017 Easter Egg hunt held at the West University Recreation Center.


We had lots of Fun at Easter in West University at the annual Easter party! Honey Dew brought out some fun costumed characters to meet the kids, and went on the easter hunt too!


Honey Dew offered face painting, Balloon Art, and Glitter Tattoos, while the kids enjoyed lots of other fun activities including the Egg hunt. We appreciate being included each year and look forward to the next big Spring Fling!

Houston Paw Patrol Themed Party Characters for Hire

Paw Patrol is a very popular or possibly Pup-u-lar party theme in Houston. We offer Paw Patrol inspirations in our blog, for cakes, invitations, and party decor to help you plan for this fun theme. Also, we have Pinterest Party boards, because, well we love Pinterest!

If you have a Houston Paw-Patrol enthusiast and planning a special celebration, you may want to include our Chase Inspired Character. We are not affiliated with Paw Patrol but have a fun K9 Patrol Dog that loves parties!

We  offer a 30 minute party option, a 60 minute party option that is a fun filled show, and we also offer a DIY option a value-party plan with a rental costume. Please check the rental page for all details if this interests you.

To book a character appearance please contact us with your preferred party theme, the area your party location will be and the date and time of your party.

We include the following at our private parties:

30 minute/Standard Appearance $125 Spring Fling Special

A fun mini visit to give birthday hugs and kisses, plus pose for cool photos. Costumed Character and Uniformed Assistant. Photo Time and Birthday Song. Ideal for large parties with lots of other activities. Character Birthday Bash *$125 (up 30 minutes. Travel/distance fees may apply)

60 Minute UIltimate Show- $200 Fall Special

Same benefits as the standard show +

  • Games & Dancing with themed music (bluetooth ready)
  • Stickers
  • Coloring Pages for all the Children
  • Special Birthday Child Present
  • Small Party Favors for each of the children…
  • Character Ultimate Show $200 (travel fees may apply)


Have a great party!


Elsa-Like Parties in Houston with a Snowman

We offer costumed characters for parties. Hire Mr. O to attend your favorite Winter Wonderland party. We service parties all over Houston, Cypress Katy, Sugarland, Pearland, LaPorte and many other areas of the Houston Metroplex.

Mr. O party options include an appearance only which is a fun-filled half hour of character meet-and-greet fun to make your favorite princess and her friends feel oh so special.

One hour party options are also available, for $200. Please visit our Snowman Party Character page for even more details.

We have lots of Elsa inspired pins on our Pinterest boards if you would like some more inspirations in your party planning.

We are not affiliated with any such characters, and ours is just a fun Houston snowman, who is a great look-a-like.

We also offer a DIY party option where you can rent our costumed character for the weekend and have a friend or relative wear it for your special celebrations. Only available for last minute bookings. Check our Houston Costume rentals page for all pricing and Party Details.

Honey Dew the Clown Birthday Party

Birthday Parties in Houston are a lot of Fun with Honey Dew the Clown….


Honey Dew the Clown parties are offered in 1-hour, 90-minute or 2-hour party options.

Honey Dew the Clown loves birthday parties and offers a variety of services. See party options below, and visit our Costumed Characters Section for other options.


Including Honey Dew at your next Private Party, will be lots of fun!

1hr: Honey Dew the Clown Birthday (our Fall 2017  Special )


  • Honey Dew the Clown performs her goofy clown variety show
  • with face painting for all the kids
  • Ideal for parties up to 15 kids
  • This is a *60-minute party*

$125 (discounted for morning weekend events $100, before 11am. *Valid for events within 10 miles of 77027 zip code) 

90 Minutes: Honey Dew the Clown Birthday 2nd option  (the Most Popular party option offered by this Hosuton clown)



  • Honey Dew the Clown performs her goofy clown variety show
  • Parachute Play
  • Face Painting
  • Balloon Art
  • Ideal for parties up to 25 kids
  • This is a *90-minute party option*


120 Minutes: Honey Dew the Clown Birthday (ok, 2nd most popular!)


  • Honey Dew the Clown provides Face Painting and Balloon Art
  • Ideal for parties with several kids or ones with multiple other entertainments- add us to your bouncy house option
  • This is a *2-hour birthday party option*


Have a party theme? We can add a costumed character visit to the above party options.  Please note: The character will spend 30-minutes at your event – cost is $75 . The character participates in the same time frame as Honey Dew is there; meaning this does not extend the actual party time.

Parachute Play Time with Honey Dew- all the kids ask if they can get tossed in the air- umm, NO not on this parachute, LOL….we play parachute popcorn and let kids run under when its their turn. We will leave the Toss-in-air option to Gymboree!

Reserve Honey Dew today by texting: 832-758-3445… Susie will reply as soon as possible. (Hmm, susie could be the actual Honey Dew!)

We need?

Party Date?

Party Time?

Party Location- area of town if not exact address). That way we can think about our schedule in terms of Houston traffic!

Thank you for considering us for your child’s special celebration!