Lady Mouse available for fun kid parties Houston

Fun Kid Parties introduces a new party cast member: the Popular Lady Mouse. This amazing party theme is an all time favorite among Houston kids and parents alike. This  classic  cartoon character will delight your birthday child and guests with lively interaction, and  party games.

Disco lights, themed musical dancing, and a few party props are all part of the package. Our 30 minute party package is an affordable fun entertainment option for your favorite Minnie Mouse fan. Plenty of photo opportunities, hugs, and high fives, complete with a character lead parade leading the children to birthday cake time.

Our ULTIMATE party includes all the fun from the value package, but is one hour long and includes even more fun, with games, dancing, and theme based prizes.

Honey Dew the clown is pleased to offer this popular cartoon character entertainer, and knows your birthday child and her guests will be 100% in love with The Lady Mouse.

To reserve character entertainment for your special celebration, visit the website or, for the “book now” party reservation form. Then be sure to check out our social media pages and Like us for a special discount on this party theme, or one of our other popular character themes.

The Lady Mouse theme provides many theme based party decoration ideas, activity ideas, invitations, party favors, and birthday cake inspirations, all of which are carefully organized on our party boards. Please follow Fun Kid Parties to enjoy many theme based inspirations.

Party Pricing Ranges from 30 minutes of Minnie Mouse Inspired fun, with a fun fast paced meet and greet visit, with hugs photo opportunities, and lots of memories, $125

And, we offer a longer one hour entertainment option with games, dancing, prizes, and lots of fun for $200

Parties available any day of the week/ Discounts may apply for weekdays.


We offer professional entertainment, with reliable, amazing service! Hire us for your next event, you will be thrilled that you called Honey Dew the Clown. When time permits, please visit the Minnie Mouse Decorating ideas post, previously posted




On Patrol *Theme Party*

Fun Kid Parties
, aka Honey Dew the Clown, is pleased to announce: we let the dogs out!! We have a new popular K9 character mascot for costumed character entertainment. This very brave, police canine is ready to go on Patrol for a fun Houston birthday party.

We perform at fairs, festivals, company events, community block parties and many more family type event venues.

We have been providing entertainment for the Greater Houston area for more than 15 years. Performing at school carnivals, day cares, rodeos, and many other events where you find awesome kids! We offer numerous options to customize birthday parties including games, face painting, balloon art, tattoos and even magic.



We will be in West University Saturday April 8th 2017 as Paw Patrol entertains with the Easter Bunny!

This special show is designed with fun games, time for photos, music and dancing, along with parachute play and tunnel time fun. We take this party on Patrol! Service areas are citywide, and beyond. Travel fees may apply depending how many miles from 77027 your event is.

This costumed theme character dances and plays, and like all of our characters is accompanied by a professional party host/ helper. Our character options are  available as a half hour add-on to a Honey Dew the Clown backyard birthday bash, for an additional entertainment option. Or, as a character only show in a simple appearance for 30 minutes, or a more detailed show with games and dancing for an hour long Character Ultimate show.

Character Shows for 30 Minutes are a fun, fast paced Appearance for $125

or select a longer show with games, dancing and lots of fun for $200- a one hour event

We have other party characters too, no matter what your party theme is, Fun Kid Parties can provide costumed character fun for your child’s Birthday party!












Cake Ideas for Paw Patrol Theme

Paw Patrol Cake Ideas


Ever since introducing new party characters to the costumed party cast, Honey Dew has been looking at CAKES! Pinterest has loads of options, and you can spend hours upon hours looking at cool ideas! Well, most of us dont have the time and dedication for that much blog-study, but, I managed to come up with a cool list of Paw Patrol Cakes that I wanted to share today.


This first cake display was found on Pinterest of course, and its creator has a fun blog called, Kitchen Fun with my 3 Sons! How cute! She shows step by step how to put together this super cute and creative bone shaped cake!


Then I really love this dump truck style cake, then, I am a clown so would find this to be lots of fun and a big mess! Would take alot of m&m or skittle type candies!   This image showed up many times on the Paw Patrol idea boards, but I never found its true origin, but many of the blogs mentioned Chel Bug, and I have inserted the Flikr link here to keep it all legal! Not my photo but one I found, and wanted to share!



This one was cool- a tower type of cake also discovered on Pinterest by a UK cake baker, Cakes Decor who had hundreds of beauties, mostly hand painted, and all nicely divided on the pinterest board in different categories. Minnie Mouse was there, Thomas the Train, and Tink Fairy too! Amazing cakes to accommodate any party theme, in hundreds of flavors, fillings, and icing options!





Always be sure that you know how many people you need to feed so that you have an adequate cake size

Make sure you have enough time for the cake baker to make the cake of your dreams

Bring the bakery your invitation so that party colors can match

Be flexible on flavors as some icing or fondant colors work better with lighter cake colors vs chocolate

in Houston, I have always used Three Brothers Bakery, and they make amazing cakes including Paw Patrol themed cakes! This is not really a plug for them, I just happen to know they make great cakes, and I have been to the Braeswood location for years, but now they have a total of 3 locations to make it pretty convenient!

A couple more cute ones below, that I thought were really cool. Be sure to visit Pinterst and type in Paw Patrol Cakes you will see plenty of inspirations! And, if you are in Houston Texas and would like to thrill any child for a special birthday performance, be sure to call Honey Dew the Clown at Fun Kid Parties, and hire the Paw Patrol inspired K9 character, since we are on the CHASE for fun parties!

Music, Dancing, Games with flexible party options. Costumed Character Fun in Houston! 









Photo by Fitness Catering
Another Amazing Cake photo Credit:


Testimonial video for Honey Dew the Clown

Hello World!

Today Honey Dew the Clown is attempting, yes, I said attempting, to use technology! I’ve upgraded recently from Droid to Iphone, and feeling so proud of myself, I started making videos! OK, I had a 13 year old teach me how to use the video equipment, but….I did it! YAY for me!

So, with my new video skills, I decided to create testimonial videos- and this is VIDEO 1! I am going to do some more videos to feature the birthday party entertainment offered by Honey Dew- including the face painting, balloon art, and party character clips as I build up my You-Tube channel. Stay tuned for more fun!

🙂 Thanks to the Mack’s for doing this for me! Yippee!! Now, I am going to figure out how to publish it!



I have to say, my life as Honey Dew the Clown really is a blessing, in my personal walk in life. I have met so many awesome people, kids, parents, grandparents! I’ve had the unique opportunity to watch so many kids grow, and have happily been a small part of many a-family-life. Its been fun, and my motto: LIFE IS BETTER IN COSTUME could not be more true than when you have happy clients like these guys!

Butterfly Face Painting

Face Painting has come such a long way over the past 15 years or so! When I was small I recall balloons and hearts being hand or cheek painted with acrylic paints, by some well meaning moms at my school carnival. Thankfully, face painting has evolved a long way since then!

Never allow craft paints to be used on your child! They are not meant for skin contact, are not FDA regulated for cosmetic use, and are not safe on the skin.  


Honey Dew uses only Mehron/Paradise face paints Wolfe, or Tag face paints.  Different brands have different paint qualities, and the amazing colors offered by FAB and Chameleon make my heart melt! So, with that I say: I only use Non-toxic, mom approved paints, that are cosmetic grade, FDA approved- acceptable to use on skin.  But, the brand may vary.


Ideas for face painting come from many sources. Most face painters spend hours upon hours on YouTube watching videos, taking seminars and courses . Stalking Pinterest sites, and studying technique and designs. I have loads of images saved, and frequently study them before a gig, to refresh ideas. I even call Pinterest my Face Painting Bible! Many face-painters support the industry with tutorials!


Check out Shawna’s video for a lovely Rainbow Butterfly- showing a design process using a sponge to start the shaping stages!

Many techniques are available to face painters to create these stunning designs. A lot of it is talent of course, but I always say, on behalf of myself only, my theory is that the tools/supplies used, can make any face painting design look good!

The paintbrushes we uses don’t usually come from craft stores, they certainly are not in the $2.99 variety sized pack geared for kids. Many brushes cost $12 or more each. I am asked a lot where I buy my supplies, and of course Honey Dew being a clown says, “I buy it at the Where did you get this Store!” And, then Groans from all of course!

True, you can buy Snazaroo online, or in craft shops, and their paint is fine. Lots of people use it, and especially use it for their starter set. However, the colors available by some other lines, and the ability to cope with the heat vary tremendously– so, I buy most of my supplies online, and from a variety of sources.

What is Popular!   

No matter what the Cat Face, the Butterfly Face, or, Fairy/Princess face is always the most popular among girls of all ages. Even Grandma loves these face paint designs! So, for today’s “Hello World, from Honey Dew the Clown” entry, I decided to list a few of my favorite butterfly faces as found online!   Full disclosure, and “legalese”, these are my favorites found on Pinterest, posted by others!

This was very challenging as there are so many amazing butterfly faces to be found online, and each one of them becomes my “favorite” for different reasons!  I have also included some resources on “How to face paint a Butterfly”, as Pinterest is full of face painting tutotials. Many tutotials guide you with the step by step process, and others show you the results, and supplies used. Still, all are very helpful, and if you are a visitual learner, like I am, then these images will probably boost your skills!

Some Images that we particularly liked and their creators:

Starting with this Aussie face painter, (Cheeky Buttons) who has created a stunning blue and green butterfly, accented with gems- my favorite accessory!



And this lovely purple beauty- butterfly design with accents in a gem, plus small white dots by Anna Dazzle, Found on Pinterest









Color Me Face Painting, also found on my Pinterest search, sure has a lovely tropical butterfly design  . This face painter has amazing Yelp Reviews, and I believe she does events in California!





Amanda’s Elaborate Eyes caught our, well, Eye- Too Punny, sorry! But, so lovely! Such stunning colors and her gallery is just as amazing with many design choices, found in Ohio.









Check out this TRUE ARTIST, Consie, who has a drive to truly teach new artists, as is evident in this tutorial video. The Butterfly face paint collage seen below is just BUTTERFLY-BEAUTIFUL!




Some Quick Tips:


When hiring a face painter for your event, consider how old the children are who are attending, and if elaborate full face paint designs, or lovely- but simpler- smaller cheek and arm art designs, are more appropriate.

Ask what type of paint the face painter uses.

Ask what kind of set up is required.

REMEMBER:*Houston is Hot! Be sure and shade the face painter so that the kids don’t get melted painted on their faces! Yuck!

Most Important: * Be sure to allow enough time for face painting. Full faces can be fast, and lovely, and simpler designs many times take just as much time!

For Houston Texas Face Painting Parties, call us for the best rates, and package options! Hire a Houston, TX face painter for your next event!, aka Susie the Face Painter!


Paw Patrol Themed Items we Love

Paw Patrol Items we love! Today, we are all about paw patrol links for entertainment and party planning!

Paw Patrol: We have discovered that kids really love this popular party character. I have been entertaining for many years in Houston Texas, and I find that every once in a while a new character comes along that the kids really fall in love with!

Sesame street is always a hit with the toddler and just a touch older crowd, and Elmo, Big Bird, and are absolute classics for party themes. But the new, totally adorable Paw Patrol Theme is growing in popularity( Warning: a bit corny I know, but, PUP-ularity is more like it! ). Toddlers, and your younger school kids are probably the best age-audience for this character theme.

We Love these Paw Patrol themed items from some of our favorite Etsy shops! This tiny list barely scratches the surface from all the fun things you can find online for kid party planning, much less the many options available for Paw Patrol party planning! But, a quick summary of a few faves are down below. What “we” like: Awesome stores, great pricing, and OPTIONS! 

From the TopperShoppe found on Etsy

TheTopperShoppe on Etsy offers these cute lollipop stick die-cut toppers, lots of themes- and variety. The site states: Each set of toppers is packaged in a clear plastic bag and heat sealed to keep toppers beautiful in their transit.

TriniGirl Treats on Etsy



This unique door sign was an attention grabber. Etsy has lots of cool shops to spend hours drooling over, but, I have to say I really love this lady’s style and will be stalking her page TriniGirl Treats again! Especially for some Shopkins items that I saw and loved!






ColorPrintsShoppe has about 9000 sales of their unique, and very affordable editable designs. We loved it so here it is! No surprise, its an easy and affordable paw patrol themed idea that could adapt to favor bag cards, place cards…..

And look at these food tent cards for your table decorating!   Instant awesome-sauce! 








What about these Instant Download Skye Invitations 








InviteShack (Etsy)

We like the unique style found on another Etsy Shop, and like the free thank you card options too! Check out this store Invite-Shack for this paw patrol styled invitation, or one of the many other options offered

In our pursuit of PAW-Perfect party goodies, we discovered the Birthday in a Box folks, and just adore their modern spin on Pin the Tail on Donkey! Pin the Badge on Chase (game). Woo-Hoo, delightful! Easy game, totally classic, and I imagine produces some pretty cool “mom-approved “photo opps!


Costumed Characters for Kids Parties

Characters are here! Honey Dew the Clown, chief clown in charge over at Fun Kid Parties, is ready to announce several new characters are part of the Party Cast.

Characters make parties more fun, create lasting memories, and put the “Wow Factor” in your Houston celebration.

Costumed Characters are a popular way to create miles and miles of kiddie smiles!♥

Our character shows provide lively and energetic party guest interaction, with disco magic! Party performers appeal to Cartoon or TV themes, and our shows are full of age appropriate play with games and popular kid-approved dancing. Check for more details. say “hello” to our kitty show, this pretty cat character wears a pink dress and loves to lead the kids with limbo dances.HELLOKITTY


Enjoy all time classics like a Red Monster party, or one with a lovely Lady Mouse who wears an adorable bow. We also have the modern and up to date cartoon favorites, like our very brave K9. So brave in fact he wears a policeman cap! This fun dog character really keeps the “Pawty” going, while he’s on Patrol.

The Patrol party theme is very popular, and so is our Lady Mouse inspired theme. And we have some very funny guys that look like Bananas!!! Manny the funny yellow character is a very popular party theme.

Sponge-Guy sure is a lot of fun. But, this dude is a bit ” square”. He also hangs out with a *∗Frozen pal**! (A snowman we like to call “Mr O”.)
Themed characters not only dance, give hugs and high fives- they also Love to Play! Parachute fun with Balloon Volleyball, or, Musical Chairs with a theme based twist, scavenger hunts, tunnel races, and many other activity based entertainment are available.

Honey Dew the Clown has offered birthday parties and corporate entertainment for more than 15 years, along with popular character themes. Miss. Honey Dew says, “Its so much fun to have new characters around! We wanted to add the latest themes, and have been dying to find out if it really snows in Houston! Hmm, kind of crazy right? LOL, I guess so because this clown now has a Snowman friend!” She then states, “in honor of the recent updated options, Fun Kid Parties is offering a $20 discount for anyone who Likes us. You know everyone likes to be liked, but we mean, we want you to REALLY ‘LIKE US’,”…… check out the social media pages for the savings or “Like Discounts”.


For party fun, and to schedule your child’s entertainment, kindly call

832-758-3445. Leave a message.






is it really Snowing Characters in Houston?

Yes, we think it may actually be Snowing in Houston!

FUN KID PARTIES, is playing snow day games with Mr “O”, our latest addition to the Costumed Character Birthday Party line-up.

BRRRRRR…….we are in Frozen Delights with our latest addition to the costume character cast at Fun Kid Parties. Honey Dew the Clown is expanding her business and has hired a whole team of awesome performers. Our party day cast includes all the popular characters, so our new frozen Snowman will have lots of party friends.

Costumed characters add the “wow to your child’s party. Well, more like the Pizazz.” says Honey Dew, “yes pizazz, Costumed Characters provide PIZAZZ to your event.”  We amaze children by appearing at their party as their favorite cartoon, or TV character. We bring their favorite characters to life and provide lasting happy memories. Fun Kid Parties specializes in lively, happy, enthusiastic entertainment for any social event.  Community events, grand openings, festival events, school carnivals, library days, fairs, and of course birthday parties, are all places you will like find one of our characters performing.

Performances include dancing, parachute play, theme oriented games and lively interaction. We bring music and disco magic to every event.  Our active shows are sure to impress your birthday child, and dazzle them with lasting happy memories.

Our popular  Mr. “o” character is a perfect surprise for your favorite Elsa fan. This costumed character snowman will appear at any Frozen event, providing entertainment all over Greater Houston, and beyond.,

All of our characters are high quality, kept in impeccable condition and are cleaned after each event. Popular characters are typically reserved weeks in advance, so be sure to schedule your Fun Kid Parties entertainment as soon as your party date is determined. A deposit is required to guarantee the best entertainer is available for your special event.

We have several party options to select from when including this, or any other character favorite at your celebration. Our 30 minute appearance is a faboulous meet and greet type experience, providing for lots of photo fun, and theme based props. Time for cake time singing and fun high fives and hugs. This value based appearance is an affordable way to really delight your birthday child and guests, creating lasting memories.

Our one hour party option is more involved with disco lights, music, portable games, and even includes  a birthday present! Talk about miles and miles of kid smiles! The hour long appearance is an Ultimate  package and will surely impress your guests. For party printables and themed decorating ideas, be sure to  follow our party boards. We LIKE to give party discounts to our friends, be sure and follow the popup for a $$20 discount, on our popular website featuring Honey Dew the Clown, and her popular character party cast.