Character FAQ

Party Guidelines for Costumed Characters

Thank you for your interest in booking a costumed character party with us. We truly enjoy entertaining children and are thrilled to be a part of your special event. We offer several characters and much more are on the way! If we don’t have what you are looking for, we probably know someone who does and will happily refer you, so just ask!

To have a successful event, and know what to expect, we have put together this FAQ sheet for character party events. Hopefully, this covers most of the questions you have, but if not, send us an email and we will reach out to you for any clarification needed. Again, thank you for thinking of us for your entertainment needs, we know you are in good hands!


WHAT WE DO: Depending on what package you have booked the character and assistant will be leading children in dancing, games, and picture posing. We are flexible and happy to accommodate special requests but generally, the event-flow goes like this: Upon knocking on the door and character arrival, we do a MEET and GREET. Followed by Musical fun, free-form dancing and chicken dance time, where the character leads kids in the fun, 2-3 games like the hot potato, musical squares (similar to musical chairs but using foam squares), balloon-volleyball, tunnel time, relay hop-scotch, and parachute play.  Then photo posing, birthday song parade. Due to sight and physical limitations in the costume, the character stays active and involved at all times, but typically does not run, do tricks, or hold children due to safety and not wanting to drop the child.

SHOWTIME: For one-hour shows- The character and Party Specialist assistant will be dressed and ready to go upon arrival. Many times the team is committed to another event, possibly after yours, and therefore must appear as scheduled even if your guests have not completely arrived yet. Please know, while we are flexible, there will be no time changes guaranteed on party day. If advised several hours in advance of a new time, every effort will be made to accommodate, but if that is not possible, please know that the predetermined time is the time your entertainment will perform.

Outlets: We have an active and fun show with music, collapsible props, and goodies to share. We may need access to electrical outlets for music, and for outdoor events, we usually have the high-powered bubble machine. Bubbles will not be used inside your home, or inside any party venue, this is strictly an outdoor option and must be predetermined before party day.

Activities and Prizes: The games and prizes we bring along with the special birthday gift for the amazing birthday star are all items based on our availability and at our discretion. When at all possible we use themed items. If you have a special present you wish for the character to present to the birthday child, please prepare it in advance and we will be delighted to accommodate.

Babysitting not included. Character entertainment includes a pair of trained and enthusiastic party specialists to entertain your guests. Every effort is made to include all children and party guests in the fun and festivities, but please know the party host and parents must manage and redirect children to participate in the entertainment and to manage bad-behavior, or kids acting out. Due to the limited time our performers are at the party, we must make a friendly reminder: If there are many other distractions, a train, a bouncy inflatable, or other entertainers present, it may be less engaging for the children. It is best to segment out these additional activities to maximize the time/money spent on hiring professional entertainment. Please keep parents involved and especially, watching their small aged children so that everyone can have a great time.

PLEASE NOTE: Costumes can not be exposed to chlorine, sprinklers, water slides etc- children splashing or using water guns on characters will automatically cancel our show, and additional charges to replace costumes will apply.

HEAT: Houston is very hot in the summer, and in the costume, the summer is that much hotter! Please refrain from outdoor backyard parties in the hottest months, as we need to keep our characters safe and healthy. In the instance that YOU MUST HAVE AN OUTDOOR EVENT, for example, 3 pm in August: We will only be able to book  indoor events.  When temperatures reach 95 degrees, we must keep the health of the character actor in mind!

Smoke Can not be Tolerated for any reason. Our characters are unable to work within 50 feet of a BBQ pit or any other type of smoke. Some of our actors have asthma, and we do not want to have a health-issue at your party in front of your children and the guests. Smoke will destroy the costumes and in order to maintain their integrity, and avoid further charges, we respectfully remind each party host to keep all smoke at least 50 feet from the entertainment at all times.

Deposits and Payment

Deposits are required for any character show and are applicable to the final payment. Deposits are $100 and nonrefundable for any reason. We guarantee our time and entertainment and therefore can not book another show in the same time slot- requiring a strict deposit policy.

Deposits may be paid via PayPal, and will not be refunded for any reason. If possible a reschedule date will be arranged. Your $100 deposit must be paid within 48 hours to guarantee the date/time slot. This deposit is applicable to your final payment. To Pay your deposit please visit our Payments Page.

Final Payment is required in advance of the show upon arrival on party day. Please provide in cash to entertainer and handler in advance so that you can enjoy your party.


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