Paw Patrol Parties

Paw Patrol Parties are very popular in Houston, Tx. We have an adorable Patrol dog character for your parties. His friends the Lady Paw Patrol dog, and the Spotted Marsh-dog are here too….


Paw patrol 2: Visit our Paw Patrol Party Picture Boards, for amazing Paw Patrol Printables and Paw Patrol Party Planning Ideas.

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We are on Patrol with this fun character. Birthday Party Options include a 30-minute appearance for some meet and greet fun, character interaction, big birthday hugs and high fives- plus time for birthday cake. OR, the ultimate party choice of 1-hour which includes all the above plus games and dancing, prizes, and a birthday surprise gift.

Our characters are professionally trained, very animated, and provide lively entertainment to WOW your birthday child! The character has a private handler who manages the show, assists the children with games and activities, and keeps the party ENTERTAINING!

Honey Dew the Clown is a professional child’s entertainer with years of experience. We are not just clowns! More than only clown parties, our themes are Popular Characters, Toy Car Parties, Face Painting, and many more party options. Pinterest Party Pages!

Character Party Entertainment includes Dancing/Music/Games and lots of Fun!

30 Minutes $125

1 hour $200

Character Pricing Details

Character Party Details and FAQ page

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